India Microwave Oven Options

India is the country of many kind of variant foods. If you are in vacation in India, you may find variant foods that can be tried in many days. Speaking about the foods, people in India needs their kitchen tool especially microwave. Microwave is coming to help people in making their dishes in easy way. Here, there will be some best microwave oven to be discussed and this has purpose to help you choose the right microwave for your kitchen needs. There will be LG and Godrej for the brand to be discussed.

LG Solo 20 Litre Microwave Oven

LG has been known as a company with its electronic products worldwide. In this case, its microwave also good as kitchen electronic tool. This LG Solo is coming with 20 liters of capacity and this is made with intellowave technology from LG itself. It is also good in electricity use where this microwave is consuming 1200 Watts while operating. LG is smart in applying this microwave with child lock feature that makes this microwave save in the kitchen from children reach. More. it comes with a health menu option and it is also supported by anti-bacterial interiors. From the specifications, this microwave is very good in keeping our lifestyle in healthy lifestyle. From the interior that has anti-bacterial feature, we can keep our food in hygiene and safe for children. The 20 liters of capacity makes this microwave is suitable for small families and this energy consumption makes its good for reducing electricity cost. More, this child lock safety feature makes parents feel comfortable while cooking with their children inside the kitchen. The cons come from the capability for small families only and this has no starter kit inside the package when you buy it.

Godrej 19 Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej has been known as a brand for kitchen and home appliance manufacture well. So, it can be hesitated about the microwave product that made from Godrej. This microwave is offered to the market with some specifications that good for small families. It has a child lock feature; 19 liters of capacity and it is an effortless defrosting. It is also suitable for bachelors because it is small, and it has an auto cooling interior with stylish design from Godrej. For you who choose this microwave for your kitchen needs, this has different cooking style and you can save your time in monitoring because this has multistage cooking option. Inside, the interior with its auto cooling feature makes you no need to worry in waiting this microwave comes to low temperature in long time. This is also inexpensive for having baking, reheating, grilling and cooking. This is also good without the electricity and time that makes you can have this microwave oven with specific recipes. Godrej makes a good body appearance where there is the floral print on the body, and this has LED light also mirror door. More, this also has stainless cloth provides for giving classy kitchen interiors. However, this has no starter kit and it is not for large families.