Creating A Fitness Community using just amobile app

Mobile app development Dubai has led to apps for every aspect in life to surge in numbers. We now have millions of choices to choose from, with countless options and features that make our lives easier and more convenient. Whether its keeping track of your health or booking a ride, mobile app development Dubai has made it all possible. Similarly, an upward trend has been seen in fitness apps that now allow you to maintain a professional workout lifestyle at home. Especially, during the pandemic the download numbers for these apps have surged since people have chosen a healthier lifestyle and have taken up workout routines. In addition to providing you with thousands of workout schedules to choose from, these applications also allow you to join fitness communities online!

mobile app development Dubai

Since the start of the pandemic, online fitness communities have been largely popular because of the imposed lockdowns. Here is how you can also create a fitness application and incorporate online fitness communities for mobile app development Dubai:

1.  The main features you will need for mobile app development Dubai:

  • A personal account
  • Hardware compatibility and integration – so your app works with wearables such as Apple watch
  • Setting goals
  • Finding communities alike – to connect and share achievements
  • Health tracking
  • Personalized workout plans
  • Educational content
  • Geolocation – to monitor routes and track distances

2.  How to make sure people join your app?

A key feature of mobile app development Dubai is that since there are thousands of apps, a unique selling point is necessary. Which is why these are the options that can make your app stand out:

  • Livestreaming so coaches can provide workouts to communities live. This will enable your users to interact with
  • Social features where people can connect and integrate their social media pages to the app. Allowing users to share their stories and transformations will motivate many to join your app and form more communities
  • Gamification feature – this can allow mobile app development Dubai to show you leaderboards, badges and in app purchases to allow you to compare and compete, further motivating you
  • Customization – this feature can allow your users to select their own plans and days for working out. You can also integrate better mobile app development Dubai to use machine learning capabilities so you can better track preferences which will further tailor the content for your users.
  • Target a niche and provide communities for it – there are many verticals in this industry that do not have apps for instance fitness apps for adults or those with chronic illnesses. You can use mobile app development Dubai to personalize activities like hiking and waterboarding and build similar communities to motivate people

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