4 Prohibitive Mistakes to Avoid in a CV

Less than 10 seconds! This is the amount of time that potential recruiters will give to your CV. Thus, there are errors to be absolutely avoided because they will automatically put your job application back as soon as the readers see them. To help you succeed building an effective and catchy resume, here are four common mistakes not to make.

A CV of More than One Page

Given that headhunters will not spend much time on your curriculum vitae, they are more likely to ignore it if it is too long. The solution is not to mention your internships if you have convincing professional experiences. Also remove experiences of less than a year, especially if they are not really related to the position you are applying for. However, give details for the most interesting of your hobbies to personalize your CV (writing a blog, participating in a charity, etc.). To make it easier, you can use a CV creater.

A Confused and Low-Quality CV Form and Content

Your resume should be smooth to be read comfortably. Forget the abuse of colors and the multiplication of fonts and style effects. Give it a title by mentioning your main function. Moreover, it is important to proofread the document at least twice. You can even ask someone you trust to help you for this. The goal here is to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. 12% of recruiters dismiss a CV at the slightest mistake.

Unnecessary Personal Data in a CV

It is recommended to only indicate your last name, first name and date of birth. Do not give your nationality, your religion or your marital status. Even the date of birth is not mandatory on a resume, but you can add it if you want. Adopt a sober email address, and if necessary, create one dedicated to your job search with only your first and last names. It is crucial to submit a clear and concise document. Think about what recruiters want to know about you or not and build your CV accordingly.

An Inadequate Photo

If the ad says that job applicants must put a photo on their CV, choose a picture of yourself in professional clothing, with a slight smile, taken with a normal camera and not from poor quality webcam shots. Banish vacation portraits, too old photos, or photo booths. In general, if the ad does not mention it, sending a picture is not indispensable.